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Professional Roller Hockey Floor

In roller hockey, the surface is the most important element. A fast game is more exciting for the players as well as for the audience. IceCourt is the fastest skating surface with specific, patented design elements to speed up the game of inline hockey. It is the only surface specially designed for inline hockey.

hockey players on IceCourt Exxess

The tile panels click together very easily and leaves the surface seamless and without any gap to catch or slow the puck. The surface perforation difuses air pressure build-up underneath the high speed inline hockey puck, so the puck does not lift or wobble. Tiny pinheads on the surface elevate the puck so it glides as if on a sheet of ice.

The wheel grip is perfect. At high speeds the special surface relief creates a secure sense of skate contact, allowing high speed skating maneuverability. At fast skating speeds the wheels only touch the top surface with very low friction; while at maneuvering speeds and hockey stops the wheels dig into the lower surface profile for tremendous grip. Special silicon-soaked panels within the Goalkeeper's crease help goalies do fast side-slip maneuvers.

IceCourt EXXESS was chosen as the Official Floor for the World Championships of International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), Junior Olympics, State Wars Hockey, just to name a few. IceCourt EXXESS is also being used in several countries for their National inline hockey championships.

US Patent No. 6,061,979

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