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Skating Rink Surface System

The SkateCourt flooring system is the only surface developed specifically for skating rinks. Our patented surface design gives quad skates and inlines the best grip in the industry. The two-level surface relief works in such a way, that the wheels only touch the top layer for low friction during cruise and speed skating; but for cornering and accelerating the wheels dig into the lower layer for high friction and wheel grip. SkateCourt is the most modern technology for general skating, speed skating, artistic skating and inline hockey and the combination thereof.

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When jumping on the suspended tile floor, figure skaters feel the spring effect during push-off and landings for higher jumps and softer landings. Artistic skaters notice the low friction for longer push-offs and rolls. SkateCourts all around the world have the same surface specification, for consistent competitive skating experience.

Speed Skaters recognize the consistent wheel grip throughout the season; there is no diminishing surface grip because of the failing floor coating. This grip is consistent on any SkateCourt around the world, making equipment preparation easy.

SkateCourt is a superb surface for inline hockey. It has the same qualities as the floors used during the inline hockey world championships. The strong wheel grip makes for high speed skating maneuvers and stops. The surface profile reduces friction of the puck, for higher speeds and longer glides. The surface perforations prevent the puck from notoriously wobbling.

The precise locking system with a tremendously tight fit makes a seamless surface. The floor becomes monolithic, meaning a one piece slab. It does not feel like skating on separate tiles, there are no sounds, no clicks. Small star-shaped slits in the surface called diffusers dampen the rolling noise and also allow evaporation of fluids. A special woven underlayment further promotes the skate feel and feedback. The floor is anchored to prevent it from shifting.

Maintenance and cleaning are minimum by damp-mopping the dust on a daily bases and perhaps using a floor scrubber every three months or so. SkateCourt flooring systems are not coated, eliminating the laborious and expensive process of stripping and coating every season. The surface will last for more than 15 years with minimum maintenance, providing a consistent wheel grip.

SkateCourt is not effected by moisture or insects and therefore is unaffected by water damage in the building. SkateCourt tiles are easily assembled and disassembled and ideal as portable installation. An installation of a SkateCourt system typical takes one day.

SkateCourt tiles come in custom colors, which can be worked into different patterns of custom designs. To create a special atmosphere with lights off, we offer fluorescent tiles, which glow in the dark. These tiles can be arranged as speckled illuminations or lines on the surface.

Click on our photo gallery and visit a rink nearby to share the fun of modern skating.

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