About Us

In 1996, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) commissioned the design and production of an inline hockey flooring that could replicate the skate contact and puck behavior of ice hockey.

The first floor was introduced in 1997 during an international IIHF inline hockey tournament in Bratislava, Slovakia. 

IceCourt LLC was formed in 1998 in the USA and has since supplied premier championship inline hockey surfaces throughout Europe and North America. 

IceCourt has become the worlds leading specialist in flooring for roller sports with hundreds of floors sold around the world. No other company has designed floors so specific to figure skating, artistic skating, speed skating, Roller Derby, quad roller hockey and inline hockey. 

Floors made for roller sports are the toughest of any floor. They must withstand the pounding of hockey sticks, the impact of players and skates, the scratches and slides of tumbling skaters and the shifting of the floor by heavy skater traffic. 

For roller sports, the floors need to be seamless, virtually monolithic, and extraordinarily flat. Nobody in the Polypropylene industry has achieved a better product with all of these attributes. 

The extraordinary quality of IceCourt has led it to be the preferred floor for multipurpose use, including basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, ball hockey, soccer, dodge ball, gymnastics and aerobics. 

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