IceCourt Skate court tile was designed and developed for indoor skating applications, and is the go-to flooring system for roller derby professionals, skating rinks and recreational facilities. Our patented two-level surface design gives quad, roller and inline skates the best wheel grip and skate contact in the industry. The wheels only touch the top layer for low friction during cruise and speed skating, and the wheels dig into the lower layer for cornering and acceleration movements.

  • Exceptional wheel grip and maneuverability
  • Precision locking system to eliminate gaps
  • Durable and scuff-resistant – perfect for high-traffic applications
  • Low maintenance – cleans easily with broom or mop



Roller Derby

IceCourt Skate is the ideal surface for flat track roller derby. The two-level engineered surface provides the best skate contact and wheel grip available, allowing for fast skating and tight cornering. The surface is also exceptionally durable and can stand up to the high-intensity performance of professional roller derby.

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Skating Rinks

IceCourt Skate court tile was developed and engineered for high-performance skating. IceCourt skate provides the best wheel grip, maneuverability and skate contact in the industry for quad, roller and inline skates. The rigid, yet forgiving, suspended tile surface provides a safe, impact-resistant surface that will help reduce the risk of serious injury from falls and spills.

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Color Options

With 18 colors to choose from, the design possibilities are endless. Court tiles, ramps and corner pieces are available in each of the colors below. Custom painted lines and graphics are also available to give your court its own unique aesthetic.




Emerald Green

Slate Green

Olive Green

Navy Blue

Royal Blue

Light Blue

Ice Blue

Bright Red


Rust Red






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